Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hello little blog that I've ignored for an entire YEAR. That's what will happen when life is just too exciting I guess. Since April of 2011, here's what's new:

1. I am a happy resident of Long Beach now. The drive to and from work is not all that great, but I've sort of gotten used to it by now.

2. In my lovely LB apartment, I have a room devoted to designing! It's wonderful to have 2 separate spaces for sleeping and creating.

3. I'm still obsessed with gold (that will never change) but I've been going to a ton of metal shows with my bf so my love of gold has been combined with visions of castles, dragons, medieval weaponry thanks to band artwork and Game of Thrones (so good).

4. Spring and early summer is terribly busy: UniqueLA and Patchwork Long Beach are 2 weekends in a row, my BF is graduating from college, I'm a bridesmaid in 2 weddings in the SAME WEEKEND, and I'm going to Costa Rica for a week with one of my best friends. And the list really goes on.

If you'd like to visit me at either Patchwork or UniqueLA, find some maps I doctored up below to help you find my booth!

UNIQUE LA: SAT+SUN MAY 12-13, 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
BOOTH #255
rsvp for the event on facebook


rsvp for the event on facebook


Monday, April 25, 2011

My first real "ART" show in several years....

Well, I've abated my obsession with jewelry momentarily to put forth all my efforts into creating some new art pieces for this show! If you are free next saturday, you gotta come check it out at the raddest bar, Villain's Tavern. See the press release below:

ON APRIL 30TH 2011, 1pm - 5pm;

Pretty/Tough, in collaboration with Villains Tavern, presents a day of super fine art, BBQ,
live music, and day drinking @ the launch of Villains Tavern's BBQ Saturdays.

What: Villains Tavern will be hosting a pop-up art show, ‘All About the Ladies’, for the
launch of their BBQ Saturdays, with a collection of artwork by female collective Pretty/Tough
(www.prettytoughcollective.com). ‘All About The Ladies’ features work by Erica Gibson, Erin
Fleiner, Kimi Lewis, and Melissa Loschy. DJ Mirandom will be spinning an eclectic mix of funk
and soul before a live music set from Alt-Country, Hillbilly Jazz troupe, ‘The Evangenitals’.

Villains Tavern will be debuting the ‘Sno-Cone Fix’, a choice of fresh fruit, fruit syrup and your
choice of liquor on a bed of shaves ice, perfect for cooling you down before the music heats you
up! Villains Tavern’s full menu of specialty cocktails will be available as well as ‘Beer in a Bag’,
with Tecate, Bud Light and Schlitz in a brown bag.

When: Saturday April 30th, 1pm -5pm

1356 Palmetto St.
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Thursday, April 14, 2011

new name, new look

Well, I've been mulling this over in my head for years now....
I started out as "Melissa Loschy Designs." The one thing I learned in one of my countless graphic design classes is that most of the time, less is more. If a piece can work without space lines, blocks and extra dividers, then it can in fact function better.

So, I've decided to officially chop to front first part of my business name off and become simply "Loschy Designs." My jewelry style will remain the same... with a season update here and there, but I'm fully backing my new name.

My etsy site will remain the same as well, www.melissaloschy.etsy.com. I just can't put a ton of work into a new site after all these years!

While my name and logo are simplistic.... I decided to frame the hell out of them with over the top and gaudy/rococo. My love of gold will never fade!

The new logo in action.....


Another thing that will never fade....
my unwavering love for snarling angry animals,
like this wolf, available for custom order or at
SEED People's Market!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Shows are Coming!!

Now that everything is confirmed, I can happily announce that I will be vending in the following upcoming shows! May will be a busy month with an event almost every weekend. Come to one of these events to say hi and see what new pieces I have for spring and Summer!

at the Glasshouse Record Store in Pomona from 6-9 PM
I'll be vending with 2 other incredibly talented people,
Le Modern Trinket, and Sweetie Sweetie Bakery


May 7 & 8 @ the California Market Center in LA

This will be my 5th Unique Show!! This has to be my favorite
show to participate in. Seamlessly organized.



Long Beach
May 15th, 11-5pm

Santa Ana
May 29th, 11-5pm

I love these shows because I have so much fun
catching up with vendor friends. The show just
keeps getting better and better!

Later in the summer, I'll hope to be be vending at the orange international street fair but it isn't a 100% done deal. Hope to see you at one of the confirmed shows this spring!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Just got back from an epic trip with my HS friend Megan....

Flew into NY, stayed with Brit's fiance Mike in Park Slope. Walked the Brooklyn Bridge

They say the Empire State Bldg is not all it's cracked up to be.
I dunno, I that it was pretty much ALL it's cracked up to be, incredible

Free Ferry to Staten Island was a major Highlight

Visited Wall Street, thought we were in an amusement park

Explored where our Commander in Chief does his business.
(well, not that business)

When in DC, eat like the Russians do. I want to move in to Russia House

Hands down, the best way to see all the monuments and
a major highlight of the trip

After a close call with the Shuttlebus to IAD, drinks weren't even a question.
The shots were a no-brainer at $3 each


Thank you to Mike Cadoux, for your hospitality, even minus your other half (Brit, who was busy being amazing and exploring the Chilean Coast) who gave us a comfy place to stay while taking over Manhattan. And also for your food recommendations. Everyone must eat at Rubirosa at least once in their life.
Thank you to Mitchell who forced free drinks into our hands and made sure that Megan and I had at least 1 night of not sleeping in the city that never does either.
To the iTrans NYC app on my iphone, which helped me to navigate the subways with ease and make me look like I actually know where to go
To Jojo who is BAD to the ASS. Girl works for the Whitehouse, and is so good at what she does. I'm so proud of this gal, so freaking accomplished and only 26. I want to be like her some day.
To Jojo, who only a week after shoveling some of her family members around town, happily took us to literally every single place she took all of them to. She is DC's best tour guide. And she's also one of those really great friends. She made us pancakes with strawberries and eggs. And Coffee, and guacamole. And she brought us to cool bars and restaurants. I could go on and on. THANK YOU JOJO, you "blow my mind."
Finally, thank you to Megan. You were a pure delight to travel with. Couldn't have picked a more chill individual to site-see ourselves into exhaustion which will surely last for the rest of the week. You're a real woman now! haha

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Who am I kidding

So I think it's quite apparent that I'm a terrible blogger. I mean, I'm not a blogger, and I'm terrible at writing entries. I think the main reason is because my 9-5 job is slowly morphing into art director/web site and content developer/photographer/filmer/film editor and now PR chick. So I'm constantly having to come up with text and content for our various marketing ventures. When I get the mental energy to write stuff for my own projects, I try to soak it up by writing product details for etsy. And a lot of times I don't really have interesting things to say. However, I really need to embrace the scope of social media and give myself some sort of goal, which I think is going to be at least 1 entry a week. Even if no one ever even reads it. So here goes.

Forgive me Blogspot for I have sinned. It's been almost 5 months since I last blogged.

I cut my finger today. Really bad. Pictured you see my poorly bandaged
finger and behind that the scene of the crime.

Here are some of my pieces at SEED People's Market in Costa Mesa.
It's one of 3 locations (soon to be 2 more) that I consign my jewelry to!

I'm so tired of this

I have cool friends. Those girls are Bonnie and Lindsey. Linds took me on a tour of Little Tokyo last Saturday. We had the best sangria of both of our lives at Spitz. Drank beer and slammed down sausages at Wurstkuche. Drank every kind of beer at Far Bar, then took the metro home. It brought us back to our days in Europe.

That will do-er for now. I'm already working on another post for tomorrow! Oh golly gee. Highlight of this week so far, knowing that at this time next week I'll be in NEW YORK and then WASHINGTON DC!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Is it the holiday season yet?

First of all...my friends are GORGEOUS!!! Just look at these photos taken by the talented photographer Denise Bovee (Here's here site). Denise contacted me through Facebook almost a year ago. She had found my jewelry on etsy and asked if I'd be interested in a trade... jewelry for a photoshoot. After looking at her incredible photography style, it was obvious that I desperately needed to take advantage of her talents. It took a long time, but we finally found a day that worked for both of us (and luckily my friends too) to schedule the shoot! We met at Denise's sister-in-law's dreamy vintage cottage in La Verne. I wanted not only every piece of furniture she owned, but all of the wall decor as well. The backyard was to-die-for, right out of a summer evening in the south. My absolutely stunning friends Gen, Sarah, and Emily dressed up in a mix of vintage dresses and furs and Denise and I styled my jewelry around her impressive vintage clothing collection. Here are my 3 favorite photos from the shoot....

Genny Penny wearing my massive Ram neckplate and filigree knuckle ring

How hot is Sarah? She is my resident foxy lady (and muse).
I just listed this Foxy Fringe necklace in my etsy shop

Emily JUST got her hair trimmed before the shoot and this cut is so cute on her, it's ridiculous.
She likes so precious in this Fringy Cameo necklace.

And I guess this is as good a time as any to update on my holiday show schedule!!

1. Loschy Designs will be featured in the sales gallery at the CSUF Grand Central Art Center, a project dedicated to the investigation and promotion of contemporary art and visual culture: regionally, nationally, and internationally through unique collaborations between artists, students, and the community. www.grandcentralartcenter.com

From November 7 - January 7
I'm creating a completely new and exclusive Woodland animal collection.

2. Patchwork Indie Arts and Crafts Festival

You can find me vending at both the Santa Ana and Long Beach shows!



3. Holiday MART

December 4 +5
11- 5 Saturday and Sunday
Hosted at the gorgeous Jodi Fuchs Gallery
2000 Main St, Santa Monica 90405

4. UniqueLA!

This will be the first time I have my own 10x10 booth, hopefully filled to the max with new jewelry at affordable prices as well as a kick-ass display.