Thursday, December 3, 2009

Working a double

I just realized that I've worked double shifts every day this week! I've got the "real job" from 9-5, then I rush home and design from 6-2 or later. I'm starting to develop those blood-shot eyes, but it's all in the name of UniqueLA! Don't have much time to photograph the new stuff, but here are some shots I took with my blackberry (my new WHITE blackberry mind you since my last one had a cracked screen and I couldn't get it fixed. That dented the wallet).

Brand new banner, completely handmade!

Satin bow necklaces with salvaged chain


Mmmmm, I love this one. Found a container filled with
metal carousel horse sculptures at Rags to Riches.
I made a black version of this too without fringe.


Ode to Russia. How many ways can inform you that I love Russia?


Come to Unique LA this weekend, I'm at booth # 5016, near the photo booth area!