Thursday, July 30, 2009

Old Timey

Blue Slushy Bow by Its The Little Things

Maybe it's the fact that I'm going to a supper club with the HBOC ladies tomorrow night, maybe it's the Cocktail hat I just bought, or maybe it's the fact that the Handmade Brigade is planning the Speakeasy craft show: Indie Shopping, Music and Booze (September 20, 5-10 PM, Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa)......

.....But I am undoubtedly feeling pin-up inspired.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Did I mention I like things that are Russian?

So when people are asking those get-to-know-you questions that everyone fears, like "So what are you into?" I typically have a few go-to topics. I would start off with the typical, "well, I like art, design and music...blablabla" but honestly, I need to be more truthful. so let's try it again:

"hey Melissa, what are you in-to?"

I'm really into things that are Russian. Russian themed, Russian colors, Russian Ballet, Russian artists, and well, just Russians. Don't worry, I'm not a commi, nor would I ever want to rub elbows with Marxists and if I had the chance, I would have punched Stalin in the mouth. I just have this fascination with Eastern Europe and in particular, them Russians. What a history!

So, when I saw the Chanel Russian Purse in the most recent issue of Elle magazine, I flipped. Unfortunately, it's one of those "price available on request" items, bleh. (not that I could afford it even at 80% off). But I just appreciate it for what it is...Russian.

ahhh, and this little one...little nesting doll purse makes my day.

It's no wonder I tend to include Russian themed images in my pieces.
I have several in my newest collection of bracelets.
This one is the Matryoshka Y-chain Bracelet

This one is the Matryoshka and Rhinestone Bracelet

I'm not even Russian, I don't think I have any Russian ancestory. I must have been Anastasia in a past life.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Good Thrifting

I feel it's necessary to show my support and love for the few thrift stores I frequent that I feel are:

1. Not overpriced
2. Not picked-over by buyers who get special first-dibs
3. Include a craft/fabric/trim section
4. Don't simply resell surplus merchandise from Target and Ikea (yes Goodwill, I'm talking about you).

The shop that is top on my list for quite some time is the Lutheran High thrift shop in Orange
670 N Tustin St
Orange, CA 92867

Here are the finds I bought today, all for a grand total of $23!!!!

new artwork for my re-decorated room. $1 for the framed vintage marriage certificate and $2 for the faux cross-stitched Scandinavian scene. I'm a sucker for those, I already have one similar to this but vertical.

Trims, tassels and ribbons, all for $2. I love when the original price-tags are still on the merchandise in grab bags. If I had paid full price for everything in the bag, it would have been over $30.

2 nylon woven belts for a total of $1, soon to be couture statement necklaces!

Scarf: $.50, and 3 ties @$1 each. The blue one has little bicycle riders and the teal one has little red crayfish. These will all be couture statement necklaces too!

GASP I love these shoes. Even though they are old school target "Honors" brand, they are exactly the type of shoe I've been looking for. $5

These red pumps were my luxury purpose. I didn't need them, I do in fact have 2 other pairs of red heels, but those ones are too high to wear to work or anywhere that i have to walk a distance too. $5

Moral of blog entry, go to Lutheran High Thrift shop. Be sure to check out their vintage women's hats and fascinators behind the front desk that range from $10-$30. They are absolutely gorgeous.

Be on the lookout for new statement pieces to be posted to my etsy

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Freshening up

I could delay no longer, I finally sat myself down and updated my etsy/blog headers and avatar. It only took me a couple of months and a lot of thought about what my shop name is, exactly. I got great advice from Elsie and inspiration from my fellow Handmade Brigade girls and other crafters (like Steppie) to take the time and create some consistency in my branding. "Justice Not Revenge" will soon be its own etsy shop ( It will be the socially charged theme art and jewelry under "Melissa Loschy Designs."
Here's where hours of embroidering and scanner brought me

The Header which will become my table banner

The Avatar and soon-to-be business card