Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I have Badass Friends

Who like to have badass BBQs

And who own badass dogs.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Interview with LadyLux

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Joanna of Ladylux.com.
Here is the interview. You can also read it on the actual website.

Melissa Loschy is making a mountain out of a molehill… in a good way. When fine jewelry shops are closing on every street corner, Melissa has carved a niche with her crafts-inspired, natural adornments that are made from tools as simple as a needle and thread. Paying more attention to her passion than runway presentations, every piece by Melissa is unique from the fox faced necklace to the Russian inspired rings, and she is definitely setting trends in her hip hometown of Costa Mesa, California. Melissa took a lunch break with LadyLUX to discuss her creative route from Girl Scout to jewelry designer.

LadyLUX: Have you always made jewelry?
Melissa Loschy: I haven’t always made jewelry. I’ve been crafty since I was a kid. I was a big product of Girls Scouts and I worked at Michaels for 3 years as a craft instructor and event coordinator… and then I studied graphic design at Chapman University. So I’ve always made things and I learned to sew at a young age. After I graduated I did a lot of soul searching—traveling and working various jobs. I married the craft elements and the design elements, and decided to make jewelry.

How did you choose jewelry?
ML: I made jewelry for myself because I couldn’t find anything I liked that matched an outfit. So I’d make something and other people were like “I like that, you should start selling it”. That’s how it started a couple years ago.

Your jewelry definitely has a nature and arts & crafts theme. Do you think Girl Scouts and Michaels added to your aesthetic?
ML: Yes, definitely. I’m always looking for creative solutions. I don’t have access to soldering equipment or precious metals. I’m always figuring out a way that I can do it myself with a needle or thread.

What do you like most about your line?
ML: People don’t understand this when they first look at it, but I’m using extremely unconventional materials. The images in all of my jewelry are printed on Epson luster paper. It’s actually paper jewelry that is wrapped in fabric. It’s fun to have someone to look at my jewelry, and tell them what it is made of, and they don’t believe me. That’s the joy of making it. I can pretty much make any image I want. I can just print it out from my computer. People get excited when they look at something like that. They say, “I would have had no idea if you hadn’t told me that”.

Are you surprised by the reaction you’re getting?
ML: I guess I am sort of surprised. I have different themes in the jewelry… I have a Russian theme. I’ve been doing a lot of animals this spring. I’ve also done more of a military-inspired line. I’m not necessarily pulling from trends. They are things that I’ve always liked. It’s just cool to find people that are obsessed with the same imagery and themes that I am.

Where do you see Melissa Loschy Designs going?
ML: I had a really long conversation with one of my friends about this last night. For the future, I see teaming up with someone that could represent me, in a business sense. I love to design just to design, but I also like a challenge. So let’s say a fashion designer was going to do a runway show and they were like “I need you to design 20 necklaces and here are the looks they are going to go with.” That’s what I love to do. I like being presented with something challenging that I have to figure out how to complete….. just using my hands and the materials that I have.

If you decide you’d like Melissa’s designs to make you a little foxier, check out her Etsy site or blog to stay in tune with this crafty artist.

1 year anniversary at the 9-5

I don't think I've discussed my full-time career with many people in the blogsphere/craft & etsy world and I kind of feel ashamed! Not only am I fortunate to have a "real" job right now....but I'm lucky to have one that is actually really cool! I get to be creative all day long. I work in an office with amazing people. I'm a minority (2 are from Scotland, 2 from England). I work in the SALON AND BEAUTY industry, so there are perks up the yin yang!

The company I'm at offers business training programs for Cosmetology Schools and Salons. Being the In-House Graphic Designer at such a small company, I'm not only in charge of producing all the print material we produce (brochures, pamphlets, marketing materials, trade show booths, even BOOKS), but I get to travel and be a part of the support team at conferences! I really hit the jack-pot with this gig. And today is my 1 year anniversary! I love my working family and I am so excited for the next year!

Me and the Ladies I work with

American Association of Cosmetology Schools Annual Convention in Pheonix, AZ

Book and DVDs designed by, moi

My first crack at tradeshow booth design!
(With the helpof my co-workers, obviously)

Thanks to everyone I work with for brightening my day, EVERY DAY!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

In with the NEW

Along with spring, a massive surge of creativity has entered
my crafty little world and I've created countless piece after piece!
I think I have to thank Starbucks, too because with warm weather
comes my craving for venti iced coffees. I had one last week at 5pm
and stayed in my studio plugging away until 2am! Thanks S-bucks!

See the new statements necklaces and belts below. Not all will be listed in the shop as I have several shows coming up.

1. Beaded Cameo neckplate with vintage xmas ornaments
2. Embroidered Elephant necklace with marble pearls
3. Detailed Peach Steer skull piece with suede chain details
4. Suede tie-back belt with giant fox patch and bronze chain
5. Royal Blue fringe bib with medieval charm bracelet
6. Bold Black velvet Fox belt
7. Feathered Cameo necklace, bronze chains
8. Royal Russian Blue bow necklace
9. Long 20s-esque fox pendant with gigantc white tassel
10. Triple gold Chain with new "Ulvyana" russian doll patches

New Knuckle Rings
My latest knucks are all across the board. I've used my typical pyramid studs
for some, but added some with really interesting upcycled costume jewelry.


These will all be listed one-by-one on the etsy site, unless
they sell at one of the following 3 events in march and April!!!

Hope you can come to 1 or all of these!!