Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Hitching in Lynchburg, VA

I definitely had some idea about what Lynchburg would be like, thanks to Crystal's Flickr (now Crystal Tillman's Flickr), but getting to visit for the first time and be a part of an incredible wedding makes the place seem even more magical. At first look, the historic downtown seems deserted, but when you enter in one of the countless antique and rummage shops, or order a coffee, or say hi back to a person passing you on a street, you find out that Lynchburg is filled with nothing but kind souls. And now Tucker and Crystal are officially the Tillmans and my traveling pal Nikki and I were lucky enough to experience the celebration. There are plenty more photos on my Flickr.

Snapshot, Crystal and Tucker

Crystal and her dad. I cried when they danced.

Mr. Tillman, waiting for his bride

Nikki and I with Casey Radical, who's getting hitched in August

Being big kids with Sparklers

A nap in the grass next to a home from long ago

The greatest Antique store. Stay tuned for new vintage pieces from me!

Somewhat out of order, but Nikki and I enjoyed
Yoo-Hoos as well as some other not-so-healthy
roadtrip foods on the way to Lynchburg.

On the day after the wedding, we dropped our friend Luke off at the airport, after he smoked out a tick that had lodged itself in his shoulder, and drove to Washington D.C. to visit our friend Jojo who I'm proud to say just graduated from Georgetown with her masters. Joj showed us around town and took us to the good places to eat.

Great looking dorks in front of the Capitol Bldg

We're so mature, aren't we?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hecticus and Patchwork recap

ahhhh.....so in about 7 hours I will be relaxing on a plane headed for Philadelphia..well, Denver then Philadelphia. I'll be arriving at the lovely hour of 6:00 AM where I'll meet up with my partner in crime, Nikki and we'll begin our 3 day adventure! We're renting a car and driving to Lynchburg Virginia to attend the lovely wedding of Tucker and Crystal. This is the first official "fun and exciting wedding" I am going to, the first of 3. I will have my Canon rebel with me and hopefully the new flash that I ordered last week that should be arriving today.

Tucker Tillman and soon to be Crystal Tillman

Oh yeah, and last weekend was patchwork! Oh my gosh, best show ever. I had so much fun and the other vendors were nothing but the best. I got there at 8:30 AM and wasn't set up until after 11 because I just couldn't stop saying hi and talking to all of my crafty friends. What a fun day. Here are some photos of the booth:

New to the line-up: FLASKS!

Jewelry table

Every guest was served a Tartlette!
Graciously supplied by my Aunt Cathy

Make-shift Knuckle Ring Display
The one thing I forgot was my pre-assembled one

Mr. Loschy, my dad, helped me create this
lovely display for scarves and large necklaces

Stay tuned for Handmade Brigade events in June!!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

There will be flasks!

I'm proud to announce that starting this sunday at Patchwork, I will be selling flasks! They're all plastic so you can take them anywhere (even through metal detectors). If I'm going to a bar and don't want to spend a lot of money on drinks, I keep one of these suckers in my purse. They hold 5 shots of liquor, or anything you wish. The sleeve is attached with velcro so you can remove it while filling. I will have a variety of artwork available, all original collage by ME! Come to patchwork!

Women's Asset's
Flask, $15

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day at Angel's Stadium.

It's wonderful to have mothers (like mine), and friends. It's wonderful to have friends (like Kristen) with mother's who are married to men like Greg Smith who can score executive suites at sporting events! My parent's and I joined the Smith family: Darlene, Greg, Kristen and Michael for the Angels vs. Kansas City game on Sunday. Angels won 4-3! Our suite was right behind the home plate.

Mama Loschy checking out the field.

Mother and Daughter. This was the only photo of us where I wasn't crossing my eyes and my mom wasn't staring at me bug-eyed.

She's a classy mom with a classy Cadillac CTS.
Happy Mother's day thanks to my dad! hehe

This saturday is Patchwork! I'll be in booth #37 in the Harvey's lot. It's supposed to be an absolutely beautiful day, high 70s, low 80s. I'll be posting more photos of the things I'm selling. I'm creating a lot of $5-$20 price points.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spanking new!

Seems that spending an entire weekend doing craft shows is not enough for me, I continue to wake up early in the morning with a brain RACING with new ideas. It's wonderful, but exhausting! I got to spend the weekend with my pals Elsie of Namaste and Nina of Tacos and Eggrolls. We had a blast despite slow foot traffic at the Pretty Little Pageant. On Sunday, things looked up for me and I did very well at the Dragonfly.

I finished a custom bracelet for my friend Seiya to give to his mother who lives in Japan. He told me she loves anything inspired by 19th century European Jewelry. I had a field day! I researched all kinds of jewelry to get ideas and this is what I came up with:

I've always loved Cameos, but have never been able to afford the real ones, made out of coral. I'm starting to toy around with using images of cameos in my pieces. I'm going to make more of this bracelet! I'm really happy with how it turned out. I've posted all of the photos from the little shoot I did yesterday in my backyard as the sun went down on flickr. Here are a few of my favorites:

Cameo Vintage Inspired Collage Pin
now available on etsy

Strawberry Earrings
now available on etsy

Lady of the Forest Bib Necklace
now available on etsy

Isis Fringe Necklace

This saturday is the LA Derby Dolls bout, my first time vending in LA. I'm looking forward to it. I don't know how I'll do there, but it will be a unique experience!

Friday, May 1, 2009

A Lovely Weekend

So I have blisters all over my hands as a result of working away on a TON of new pieces, especially jewelry, since this saturday is the "Pretty Little Pageant" at the Laguna Niguel Tall Mouse. My good friend Cambria introduced me to the most incredible jewelry line called "Marquis & Camus" and I spend hours pouring through the most unique pieces that combined vintage estate finds with contemporary supplies. I have never been more inspired by another designer. I have so many ideas but most of them will not be completed until the patchwork show on May 17, so look out! Here's a peak at a few of the pieces I've designed (to see the rest, visit my flickr site):

Please come and visit me saturday or sunday at one of the 2 shows below. I'm giving out free Mother's Day cards with every purchase and I will gift wrap any item purchased.
Also, I'm offering lower prices on many of my necklaces in order to make room for my more vintage inspired pieces, so take advantage!