Friday, February 26, 2010

It takes me a while...

To muster up the drive to update the blog. I guess I really only post once in a while to show a few pictures about what I've been designing. I don't know why it takes me so long to post new stuff. Well, I'm here to break the silence and bring up 2 things....

I'm totally obsessed with and inspired by wild animals for my latest line of jewelry. (Especially foxes. A friend once told me that out of all the animals in the world, I most resembled a fox..hmmm). Look out for these lovelies as they will be turned into bracelets, pendants, and statement necklaces soon!

Handmade Brigade is BACK! Our first show in 2010 is Speakeasy II. The first Speakeasy was so much fun (and not to mention a huge success) so we've been asked by Detroit bar to host another one this spring (and possibly Speakeasy III in the late summer). Here's the info:

Sunday April 11th
Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa
5 pm - 10 pm
20 Vendors, Music, Photo Booth, Booze

Want to vend? Check out the full post about this event here.