Friday, June 26, 2009

The Last Hoora

Well, this Saturday (tomorrow) is the last event for the Handmade Brigade's Indie Craft Month. We're going out with a bang by hosting another Indie Craft Fair, this time in Laguna Niguel in the parking lot of Tall Mouse. There are over 30 absolutely lovely handmade vendors as well as food vendors!

I've added several new pieces to my repertoire including another couture tie piece (vintage Christian Dior), several new bib necklaces, and plenty of new knuckle rings. It will be a FUN day
Don't forget to get there early because if you're one of the first 50 people there, you can get a free giveaway bag. I contributed to them this time!

Hope I get to see some familiar faces!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Put your fist in the air

So, lately I've been trying to do this thing where I make the things that people like and buy the most! (What a concept, I know.) People always ask me at shows "What's your #1 seller?" and while it's kind of hard for me to answer with one specific item, it's pretty consistently my knuckle rings. Since I use elastic, they are so much more comfortable to wear than metal or wood "knucks." I finally got around to taking some fun photos of my latest rings and have posted about half of them on etsy. Keep checking my site to see the rest of them listed as I go!

Golden Fan Knuckle Ring ahh, just sold

Diamond Cut Neon Knuckle ring click for listing

Couture Spring Flowers Knuckle Ring (Just sold last night)

Golden Star Knuckle Ring click for listing

Triple Heart Knuckle Ring click for listing

Armadillo Spike Knuckle Ring click for listing

Pink and Orange Spike Knuckle Ring

Orange Leopard Spike Knuckle Ring

Sequined Armadillo Knuckle Ring

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Since I've been slacking on the etsy selling side of thing, and haven't posted a blog in forever, I decided to share what I like right now. Here it is.

Sprouts on Sandwiches
I like my turkey sandwich to look like a secret garden inside

Blouses at Goodwill on 19th
Lately, Goodwill has been disappointing me with overpriced items that I could get for cheaper and in better condition at target....However, I was bored on Tuesday night and ventured in and dug through the "blusas de damas" section and found some amazing anthropologie brand shirts for $4.99 each. In this shot from a screentest at work, I'm wearing a black top with very beautiful details. Goodwill, I haven't given up on you.

Turbo Kickboxing
I'm back on the fitness wagon and I'm locking myself in this time, hopefully. The goal is 3 times a week. This week, a success.

String Cheese
I don't know why, maybe it's the act of pulling it a part, but I boy have I been eating it.

I have them, thanks to the Sassoon academy. It's definitely a lifestyle (bahahaha). I have to groom them, I carry a comb with me now, and I need to find someone who can trim them next week because I'm getting to the awkward phase where they look weird with sunglasses.

Probably my favorite Etsy seller. I just bought another necklace from her "Avante Garde." I will be buying at least 2 more as gifts for those who are Graphic Design Lingo inclined.

Clues, the band
First band that i have been obsessed with for a long time. Multi-dimensional music is my cup-of-tea coming from a symphony background. Their show started on saturday night at Detroit bar with an intro straight out of the Middle East. The guy who I'm assuming is their sound mixer sang with a beautiful "islamic" infused melody along with another dude who played some sort of flute. Then Alden from The Unicorns, a drummer from Arcade fire, and a few other lovely canadians flooded my brain with a full-blown percussion section, horns, strings, name it, they play it. My favorite song is Ledmonton.
Clues - Perfect Fit

Dorm Life on Hulu