Thursday, March 10, 2011

Who am I kidding

So I think it's quite apparent that I'm a terrible blogger. I mean, I'm not a blogger, and I'm terrible at writing entries. I think the main reason is because my 9-5 job is slowly morphing into art director/web site and content developer/photographer/filmer/film editor and now PR chick. So I'm constantly having to come up with text and content for our various marketing ventures. When I get the mental energy to write stuff for my own projects, I try to soak it up by writing product details for etsy. And a lot of times I don't really have interesting things to say. However, I really need to embrace the scope of social media and give myself some sort of goal, which I think is going to be at least 1 entry a week. Even if no one ever even reads it. So here goes.

Forgive me Blogspot for I have sinned. It's been almost 5 months since I last blogged.

I cut my finger today. Really bad. Pictured you see my poorly bandaged
finger and behind that the scene of the crime.

Here are some of my pieces at SEED People's Market in Costa Mesa.
It's one of 3 locations (soon to be 2 more) that I consign my jewelry to!

I'm so tired of this

I have cool friends. Those girls are Bonnie and Lindsey. Linds took me on a tour of Little Tokyo last Saturday. We had the best sangria of both of our lives at Spitz. Drank beer and slammed down sausages at Wurstkuche. Drank every kind of beer at Far Bar, then took the metro home. It brought us back to our days in Europe.

That will do-er for now. I'm already working on another post for tomorrow! Oh golly gee. Highlight of this week so far, knowing that at this time next week I'll be in NEW YORK and then WASHINGTON DC!!!

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