Monday, March 22, 2010

In with the NEW

Along with spring, a massive surge of creativity has entered
my crafty little world and I've created countless piece after piece!
I think I have to thank Starbucks, too because with warm weather
comes my craving for venti iced coffees. I had one last week at 5pm
and stayed in my studio plugging away until 2am! Thanks S-bucks!

See the new statements necklaces and belts below. Not all will be listed in the shop as I have several shows coming up.

1. Beaded Cameo neckplate with vintage xmas ornaments
2. Embroidered Elephant necklace with marble pearls
3. Detailed Peach Steer skull piece with suede chain details
4. Suede tie-back belt with giant fox patch and bronze chain
5. Royal Blue fringe bib with medieval charm bracelet
6. Bold Black velvet Fox belt
7. Feathered Cameo necklace, bronze chains
8. Royal Russian Blue bow necklace
9. Long 20s-esque fox pendant with gigantc white tassel
10. Triple gold Chain with new "Ulvyana" russian doll patches

New Knuckle Rings
My latest knucks are all across the board. I've used my typical pyramid studs
for some, but added some with really interesting upcycled costume jewelry.


These will all be listed one-by-one on the etsy site, unless
they sell at one of the following 3 events in march and April!!!

Hope you can come to 1 or all of these!!


Anonymous said...

ooh! the new items are soooo cute, especially the necklaces!! ^.^

Anonymous said...

I love all your new stuff! SO great!

Derya said...

Your new designs are rocking my world! Hugs..