Thursday, March 25, 2010

1 year anniversary at the 9-5

I don't think I've discussed my full-time career with many people in the blogsphere/craft & etsy world and I kind of feel ashamed! Not only am I fortunate to have a "real" job right now....but I'm lucky to have one that is actually really cool! I get to be creative all day long. I work in an office with amazing people. I'm a minority (2 are from Scotland, 2 from England). I work in the SALON AND BEAUTY industry, so there are perks up the yin yang!

The company I'm at offers business training programs for Cosmetology Schools and Salons. Being the In-House Graphic Designer at such a small company, I'm not only in charge of producing all the print material we produce (brochures, pamphlets, marketing materials, trade show booths, even BOOKS), but I get to travel and be a part of the support team at conferences! I really hit the jack-pot with this gig. And today is my 1 year anniversary! I love my working family and I am so excited for the next year!

Me and the Ladies I work with

American Association of Cosmetology Schools Annual Convention in Pheonix, AZ

Book and DVDs designed by, moi

My first crack at tradeshow booth design!
(With the helpof my co-workers, obviously)

Thanks to everyone I work with for brightening my day, EVERY DAY!!!

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