Friday, April 3, 2009

Oh Heel no!

It's no news that my weakness has always been shoes. At some point in my life, I will be comfortable and confident enough to wear heels on a weekly basis. Being 5'7", I'm not an exceptionally tall person, but when I wear heels, they put me in that "I'm taller than everyone around me" zone (excluding a few close friends). Shoe accessories/clips are something I'd like to eventually include in my repertoire of handmade items, but I think that before I do that, I had better start embracing the high heel. Here are a few that I am crazy about right now:

These shoes by Yves Saint Laurent were all over the March issue of Elle, and I want them. I think they only cost a couple $1000, nothing too extravagant (haha, yikes).

These sling back wedges from Anthropologie are somewhat more in my price-range, but not until the fall when they're in the clearance room. Still, I would try and live in these if they were mine.

Now these are definitely in Melissa Loschy style, just enough biker edge,

And here are some Shoe clips, my next experimentation.

This is a shoe from some royal lady

I don't have a time on when these will come to fruition, but in the coming months for sure

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