Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Crafters Unite!

This will be a short entry to which I will follow up on later tonight.
I have been bouncing off the walls lately, literally:
> Jazzercizing
> Back into TKB (Turbo Kick-boxing)
> Full-time graphic design, the ol' 9-5. Benefits kick-in in July! woot, no more paying for my own crappy health insurance.
> Drawing, sketching, scribbling on a film production/copy-writing portfolio project for another chapman grad.

and my favorites:
> Moving into my new studio! I will post photos tonight, after A. taco tuesday with my pal Gen and B. I finally finish organizing!!! and hanging some art.
> Probably the most exciting, working with the fabulous artistic ladies from the up and coming "Handmade Brigade" of Orange County! I started designing the logo, it is not finished yet but, I included it above. Any feedback?

I'll type more tonight, I promise.

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