Tuesday, April 7, 2009

As I promised.....

Loschy Studios!!!

Or, what I did with the Tough Shed I'm renting on the property that I live on. It took me a couple of days to move everything and partially organize all of my accumulated supplies (still SO much more to do). With the help of mostly my existing furniture and a few Target and Thrift Store finds, my art space is well on its way.

Red shelves are from IKEA which I had and the plastic sterilite shelves I got for cheap from Target. NOTE: Goodwill has hit an all time low for me. I tried to search for various shelving there and couldn't find anything for less than $20, and it was all junky. Goodwill, what has happened to you? I used to love you, and the suede jacket I bough from you for $7 in 2001. It's not me, it's you.

This Gem of a rug was found at "rags to riches" thrift shop in Costa Mesa, right where Newport Blvd meets the end of the thrift shop (best shop I have ever been to...seriously. THE BEST THRIFT STORE IN OC, the store pretty much changes everyday. The best mix of seriously collectable vintage and surplus goods from dept. retail stores).
Best part besides the 4 names, none of which are my own, is Jr. in the middle.

Living by the 99cent only store is a joy. The plastic basket/purses, and stacked frames are all from there.

This tool drawer organizer from Home Depot has changed my life. I've been using it since the fall and I have been able to keep it organized every since. I don't know what got into me with this.

LOVE this Ikea drafting table with a light board. The sawhorse legs enable the tabletop to tilt, but Then where would I but all the crap on top of it?

A table just for sewing and cutting fabric!!! (and for storing stuff I haven't organized yet).

Miscellaneous unfinished art pieces, BUTTONS

One of the many "inspiration" boards I plan to hang. I made this one by stapling fabric to a piece of foamboard. SUPER cheap and I just use straight pins to attach things. It's so much cheaper than corkboard and you can even use cardboard, which is FREE.

What I'm hoping this space will encourage me to do is achieve a new level of quality and creativity in my work, as well as keep work and sleep separate. Sleeping in a lofted bed above my worktable has caused me many insomnia-tic nights with projects looming underneath me. While my brain is always a whirlpool of ideas, I realized it was time to break down and separate the 2 spaces (especially now that I have a job and somewhat of a routine).

New projects to come.

Art or Die. Life is Art


planthepark said...

lucky. I've always wanted a shed or some kind of space to do whatever. Smoke cigarettes and tinker.

Melissa Loschy said...

Yeah, I feel pretty lucky! The problem is that I've lived in this duplex on a huge property for almost a year now and just NOW I finally got my act together and asked to rent one of the many odd spaces. If you're around this summer, BBQs and movie screenings in my backyard with a projector!

Mel said...

This is fantastic! I have a separate space (a tiny corner in another room of my house) for painting, but all my jewelry stuff is constantly strewn about my bedroom. I can't wait to one day finally have a space where I can separate "work" and sleep.

Backyard movie screenings sound like my kinda party! That's AWESOME!!!!!!