Monday, March 30, 2009

Change is good, change is great.

Someone recently reminded me how good change can be. It was something I embraced for a brief moment after gradution, but until a month ago, I had subconsciously tried to avoid. I think whenever you get too comfortable, there’s a chance you’re not challenging yourself. Being a tried and true Aquarian, I’ve taken on some new challenges:

Full-time job as the in-house graphic designer for Nuts and Bolts training (education program in cosmetology schools),

Freelance designing an advertising and copyrighting portfolio for a Chapman grad student featuring 15 print ads and 15 commercial storyboards and tons of illustrations (yay!)

Working with Chapman Graphic Design Major alumni and my mentor/professor Claudine on an international statistic design research project called “DD4D” under the IIID or International Institute of Information Design. (The finished material will be used in the summer conference in Paris).

Working with fellow Orange County crafters lead by Nina Brito of Tall Mouse Arts and crafts (and tacos and eggrolls) to organize an “Indie crafting month” in June. Even more importantly, we are officially creating and OC crafter club similar to the LB craft mafia and LA’s felt club. We’re tossing around idea of calling ourselves the “Handmade Brigade” (the same title given the Tall Mouse indie craft fairs). I volunteered to create the website and come up with some flyer and logo ideas. Here’s a preliminary sketch of a little something.

Goals in the coming weeks:
• Do some much needed updating to my etsy site
• Talk to my landlord once more about renting the studio space in my backyard
• Research low or no-sew projects that can be created from old clothes for the Handmade Brigade’s June “Swap-o-rama rama”
• Make some new things for heaven’s sake!


JoJo said...

I LOVE the "Handmade Brigade" !!! SOOOO cute... and I LOVE the crest!!!

Melissa Loschy said...

Thank you Jo to the Jo.
If you're out here in June for some reason, you gotta come to the Swap O Rama!!!

Brook said...

I love the design you drew up as well!! Greatness!