Monday, September 27, 2010

Loschy Designs on Consignment

On Saturday, I stopped by my new friend's shop in Newport, right by Alta Coffee. It is the cutest little store! She asked me to bring some jewelry to put on consignment there and I took a photo of what I left at the shop.

I came at the perfect time because this girl was in the shop looking at dresses for her birthday party that night and the moment she saw my upside-down st. basil necklace, she fell in love with it, and BOUGHT IT before Thyme and I could even figure out our consignment agreement! I'm hoping that bit of good luck will be a sign of more sales to come in the future!

Aura is having it's grand opening this Sunday starting at 12:00 pm. You can RSVP Here!

Lastly....I'll be vending at the LA Roller Derby bout this Saturday night in LA
Here's the info about tickets and what not

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