Wednesday, March 11, 2009


What a fun weekend! I did 2 shows, the Orange County Roller Derby head-to-head on Saturday night, and the Dragonfly Boutique on Sunday. While sales were slow for everyone, I still had a great time and met some wonderful people.

New Knuckle Ring Display using a thread spool holder

New "Tattoo Man" book purse, soon to be made into "Happy Freaking Birthday" card

New to the craft empire: framed original collage, greeting cards, and art print cards

This time around, I invited my pal Rosemary, of Rosemary's Collection, to sell with me at my booth. Her Terrariums were a huge success! We will be doing some more shows together in the Spring and Summer. Hopefully she will teach me how to make fabric dye with plants from her garden (I want to dye some vintage floral prints for making collage scarves and tote bags).

The greatest thing I'm looking forward to is the possibility of an actual studio space that IS NOT WHERE I SLEEP! After the buzz and insanity that was last weekend, I've realized that I need a place for work, and a place for sleep (that isn't 6 feet above ground). I spoke with my landlord yesterday about using the workshop space that is literally connected to my backyard. She is probably going to work something out with me! Yikes! I can't stop thinking about what I would do with a space of my own to design in. Keep your fingers crossed!

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Steppie said...

ooh ur new knuckle ring display is genius! love it. :)