Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bra for a Cause

I met my pal Oatha while working at Michaels Arts and Crafts when I was in College. She was the floral designer and taught me everything I know about arranging flowers and plants. Since my days at Michaels, I've kept in contact with her, especially since we both love going out to dinner and ALWAYS get dessert.
Oatha is involved in possibly every charity organization in Orange County, one if which is the "Soroptimist" (I don't think I've ever pronounced it correctly). Next weekend they're hosting "Bras for a Cause" where they are auctioning off decorated bras to benefit disadvantaged women. Being that I am a crafter/artist, Oatha asked me to participate. With the theme being "Hollywood," I decided to literally and create the "hills" of hollywood. (to be the opposite of subtle, I was trying to refer to boobs as hills).  I even made the radio tower out of wire, thread and beads!

Started off by spray-painting a $5 Kmart bras green, covered it with moss, then cut out the hollywood letters from white foamcore

Radio tower!

Finished product.

See more pictures on my flickr site

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Mary said...

I just found out what a Soroptimist was 2 days ago! Weird. This is great - you are so talented.