Wednesday, October 21, 2009

S & 21 & M

I don't know if my latest fascination with the things I bought from is because of the whole October Halloween thing, or if I'm channeling a dominatrix....but it sure seems like the latter. Don't worry, it's not the S&M culture I'm interested, it's the the nod to black leather and spikes I'm more interested in! I've been obsessed with these YSL cage shoes ever since they appeared in Elle Magazine. Maybe if I didn't pay rent for 2 months, I could afford them. But Alas, Forever 21 came to the rescue.

Alessia Cage Pump $26.80

Also picked up this gem,
Pyramid Studded Belt for a whopping $6.80

Don't you think it will look nice with this?

Black Pyramid Spike Triple Threat Knuckle Ring from my etsy shop


elsiee said...

Forever21 will be my undoing $24.95at a time...

LOVE your ode to YSL cage shoes!!!

Derya said...

Ahhh nice picks, I luuuve F21!