Thursday, August 27, 2009

A gloomy Day

The friday before leaving for my business trip to New Orleans, I had a few extra hours to play around with red lipstick, as well as styling my jewelry. I can't wait to have a real photo shoot with a stylist and make-up artist!

Dress, Forever 21

Victorian Draped Couture Necklace
Ann Taylor Blazer, hat by It's the Little Things

Dress by Zara Basic

Sequined shrug by Betsey Johnson (Thanks Jojo)

Skirt from Anthropologie (the same one that Sharin from the 
Raveonettes wore when I saw her open for Depeche Mode)

The next Big thing I am preparing for is the Orange International Street Fair during Labor Day weekend (September 4-6)I'm so lucky to be sharing a booth with 2 lovely ladies....Elsie of Namaste, and Derya from Jewelera. I'm sure we will keep each other going for the duration of the 3 day show (the most days I've ever vended in a row). But, I'm sure the abbleskivers, sausage, and beer will help keep me going! I hope to see everyone there. Expect mostly items priced between $5 and $20 from me!

1 comment:

elsiee said...

LOVE the red lipstick! LOVE the new jewelry! LOVE LOVE LOVE that we'll be at the street fair together - guess it's all about the love!!