Friday, July 24, 2009

Did I mention I like things that are Russian?

So when people are asking those get-to-know-you questions that everyone fears, like "So what are you into?" I typically have a few go-to topics. I would start off with the typical, "well, I like art, design and music...blablabla" but honestly, I need to be more truthful. so let's try it again:

"hey Melissa, what are you in-to?"

I'm really into things that are Russian. Russian themed, Russian colors, Russian Ballet, Russian artists, and well, just Russians. Don't worry, I'm not a commi, nor would I ever want to rub elbows with Marxists and if I had the chance, I would have punched Stalin in the mouth. I just have this fascination with Eastern Europe and in particular, them Russians. What a history!

So, when I saw the Chanel Russian Purse in the most recent issue of Elle magazine, I flipped. Unfortunately, it's one of those "price available on request" items, bleh. (not that I could afford it even at 80% off). But I just appreciate it for what it is...Russian.

ahhh, and this little one...little nesting doll purse makes my day.

It's no wonder I tend to include Russian themed images in my pieces.
I have several in my newest collection of bracelets.
This one is the Matryoshka Y-chain Bracelet

This one is the Matryoshka and Rhinestone Bracelet

I'm not even Russian, I don't think I have any Russian ancestory. I must have been Anastasia in a past life.

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