Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hecticus and Patchwork recap in about 7 hours I will be relaxing on a plane headed for Philadelphia..well, Denver then Philadelphia. I'll be arriving at the lovely hour of 6:00 AM where I'll meet up with my partner in crime, Nikki and we'll begin our 3 day adventure! We're renting a car and driving to Lynchburg Virginia to attend the lovely wedding of Tucker and Crystal. This is the first official "fun and exciting wedding" I am going to, the first of 3. I will have my Canon rebel with me and hopefully the new flash that I ordered last week that should be arriving today.

Tucker Tillman and soon to be Crystal Tillman

Oh yeah, and last weekend was patchwork! Oh my gosh, best show ever. I had so much fun and the other vendors were nothing but the best. I got there at 8:30 AM and wasn't set up until after 11 because I just couldn't stop saying hi and talking to all of my crafty friends. What a fun day. Here are some photos of the booth:

New to the line-up: FLASKS!

Jewelry table

Every guest was served a Tartlette!
Graciously supplied by my Aunt Cathy

Make-shift Knuckle Ring Display
The one thing I forgot was my pre-assembled one

Mr. Loschy, my dad, helped me create this
lovely display for scarves and large necklaces

Stay tuned for Handmade Brigade events in June!!!!

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elsiee said...

Your Patchwork booth was AMAZING and the tartlets - nice touch!! Have a lovely time at the wedding sweets!