Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sleepy in Saturday

Work at the day job has been slow this week, and consisting entirely of Web Design, an area of design I notoriously dislike. With the extra time, I've been...would you say..."uploading like it's hot." Or, I've been adding new items to my etsy site everyday. I took over 100 pictures on Thursday and have been editing them since. (especially the ones were I've reluctantly used myself as a model). Please take a gander.

Laughed a lot this week at the episode of The Office where Michael decides to file Chapter 11 by shouting "I DECLARE BANKRUPTCY!!!!"

Ate Indian Food with my surrogate grandmother Oatha yesterday at Royal Kyber. Chicken Curry, Rice Pilaf, Ginger dressing salad and the doughiest most heavenly Nan around. For desert, chocolate drizzled plate, pistachio sorbet, minced pistachios sprinkled around, and SILVER LEAF. I ate silver with my desert. Shocking.

Please, don't forget to go to my performance this sunday with Good Avery at the continental room. I will be amplified this time! You will actually be able to hear me!

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